Bitcoin: The Future of Currency?

7 Jun

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is purely digital currency. It is held in digital wallets stored on the user’s computer. These Bitcoins can then be transferred between wallets. Bitcoins are generated by computers calculating very complicated algorithms, which allows new Bitcoins to be introduced at a steady pace without destroying the value. I believe Bitcoin is just the start of a digital currency revolution.

Investing in Bitcoin could be VERY lucrative. It has nearly quadrupled in the last week which means if I invested $5,000 USD, I’d have nearly $20,000 USD. But as they say, no risk… no reward. This definitely taught me to incorporate some risk in my decision making. You don’t have to risk the clothes off your back. Find the right mixture of risk and reason, and it’ll make you a better entrepreneur.

I’d recommend staying up to date with Bitcoin. You can join the IRC channel #bitcoin-market on freenode, which is a live feed of the current market prices. The best place to buy and sell Bitcoins is at MTGOX, which is one of the largest Bitcoin trading markets. MtGox also shows trending data on the pricing of Bitcoin so you can try and predict the best time to buy and sell.

If you’d like to help me on my journey my Bitcoin address is 1cqQ9RUi27vmmKF2uyP8LXprUrVrvanof


One Giant Step

4 Jun

I’m currently living with my parents in the state of New Hampshire. It’s a nice quiet place, but it’s almost too quiet. I need a place that will really allow me to get out there and meet other like minded, business-driven individuals. I’m looking to move somewhere warmer than New Hampshire, but still within reasonable traveling distance to my family and friends here in New England. I’m not a heart-of-the-city person. I lived in the heart of Boston for four years and enjoyed it at first… but slowly grew to disliking it. The constant sirens from police and ambulance really wear on you after awhile.

I’d also prefer to live alone, unless the potential roommate has the same new-found drive as me. My past roommates have been typical college party animals with only two goals on their mind… drink heavily and get together with the opposite sex. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing. But it wears on you when you are trying to get into a zone and you hear loud music, slamming walls, and yelling coming from across the apartment. Being alone or with a like-minded individual is much preferred as I can get into a zone and get things accomplished.

For my growth as an aspiring entrepreneur, moving out will have a hugely positive impact on my future. My household isn’t the best place for breeding innovation. My mom is an office receptionist that likes to stay home most of the day and watches American Idol. My dad is a truck driver with no passion in his life. My dad will spend months looking for a vacation as that is his only sign of freedom. It’s really quite a sad sight and I hope with my success, I can provide an earlier retirement for my parents.

My new life starts with the search of a new stomping ground, so I’m going to be making the big decision within the next week. Stay tuned for more blogs about my journey!

PS: If there’s anyone out there who’s also in a similar situation and needs a new roommate, leave a comment!

Why are you writing this blog?

31 May

I recently read a book called The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime. This is the book that gave me the inspiration and passion to start this blog and my journey toward wealth. It really hits the major points of starting your life on the right path, and following that path until your free… free from that 9-5 job… free from listening to co-workers complain all day long… free from your controlling egotistical boss.

If feel like you’re in a black hole and need to find a way to get out, you should give this book a try. It might just give you the initial push toward living on the trail to wealth. For me, it was the final push over a steep, awakening cliff.

I’m writing this blog to show that anyone can start this trail and can start as soon as today. The only way to win a race is to being at the starting line. I hope to inspire people to do something bigger and better than what you’re doing right now. I will be writing about mistakes I’m learning from my adventure, so you can try to avoid those same mistakes. Ultimately, my goal is to show the world that all it takes is effort and persistence to become wealthy.


30 May


My name is Steve and I’m a 23-year old aspiring entrepreneur. I’ve found recent passion in my ability to put life on the right trail. If you don’t take the trail leading to your destination, you’ll never make it there. I’ve been walking down the wrong trail my whole life and this blog is my journey down the right trail… the Trail to Wealth.

I grew up in a typical lower end middle-class family which preached that old rhetoric “get good grades, graduate high school, graduate college, get a job, and work your way up the ladder until you make enough to live comfortably.” I, like many others, believed in this system and followed it blindly. I failed myself during college, I never made attempts to set myself up for a wealthy future. I only went through the necessary motions to graduate and it was huge missed opportunity. In future blogs, I will elaborate on the notion of college and what college should serve as.

During the end of my college tenure, I quickly realized that I did not want to do the 5/2 trade… trading 5 days of work for 2 days of freedom (the weekend). Rinse and repeating that for 40+ years did not appeal to me. So I’ve made the decision to re-align the path I take to point toward the direction of wealth.

It won’t be easy, I’ll have to make tough choices, I’ll have to turn my back on the people I love, and I’ll have to make sacrifices.

Follow me as I sprint down the Trail to Wealth!